Equalizer 3 I,s Ring Black

Equalizer 3 I,s Ring Black

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The 3 I,s  Hammer Ring

Please order in your correct ring size.

The original ring size is  in U.K. size  Z  USA and Canada  12,5 and France 29  Rest of Europa 22 mm  69/70. For the adjustement of the rings professional tools are recommended. The sizes are variable from   Size U/11/24/ 21mm

We point out that this is a surface in finishing is the also used in the medical field.
In the ring sizes smaller than 22  processing material is removed from the ring rail ending at the end of the machining process again in stainless steel look. The delivery time may be up to 3 weeks, since the processing in Black takes this time in demanding

Design-Produce and Copyright made by Smart Jewellery

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